@AlbanDairy – Yasmin Farm | مزرعة ياسمين

السلام عليكم

Hello There

اليوم بتكلم عن مزرعة ياسمين موقعها الوفرة و عندهم كل انواع الاجبان و عندهم خضراوات و كل شي انتاج المزرعة شي و  (Yasmin Farms) حلو و شغلهم نظيف انصحكم تزورونها بس تحطون في خرايط جوجل

Today i am going to talk about Yasmin Farm that is located in AlWafra they are the company of @AlbanDairy they have all kinds of cheeses and Vegetables and all of the production is from the Farm it is a very nice farm i really advice you to visit it all you need to do to go there is to open Google maps in your smartPhone and type in (Yasmin Farms).

IMG_3905 copy IMG_3932 copy IMG_3945 copy IMG_3960 copy IMG_4039 copy

اكاونتهم بتويتر @AlbanDairy

There Twitter Account @Alban Dairy

اكاونتهم في انستغرام AlbanDairy

There Instagram Account AlbanDairy


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