Red 2 Review | فيلم رد ٢

red-2-0a copy

دشيت فلم “رد ٢” ، الفلم قصته تتمحور على فرانك موزس “بروس ويليس” و شلون ينجح علاقته مع حبيبته و ينقذ العالم بنفس الوقت ، طبعا ما ابي احرق عليكم القصة ، و كلمة “Red” تعني متقاعد و خطر للغاية  ،نصيحتي لكم دشوا هالفيلم لأنه يضحك و فيه اكشن وايد حلو

I went for Cinescape to watch the movie “Red 2” , R.E.D means (Retired Extremely Dangerous) , the story is about Frank Mouses (Bruce willis) how can he maintain his relationship with his girlfriend and save the world in the same time , of course i don’t want to wreck the story for you , and lastly my advice to you to go to cinescape and watch that movie because it has a mixture of comedy and action 


The stars

Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4) Movie Premiere - U.K. - Arrivals catherine-zeta-jones-bruce-willis-red-2-premiere-04 2003 Toronto Film Festival - HUMAN STAIN premiere pre-party Mary-LouiseParker-66thAnnualGGA_Vettri.Net-01 "A Fine Romance" Benefit 2007


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