Switch Lounge Dubai | مطعم سوتش دبي

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 5.46.44 PM

طبعا رحت مطعم سوتش الموجود في دبي مول ، انا شفت صوره بالانستغرام قلت شكله حلو و يشابه “سلايدر” اللي ما يوصل ربعه و طلبنا ربيان بفلو و كوماندو فرايز طعمهم لا يحتمل كلش الربيان متروس بهارات و الكوماندوا فرايز حاطين فوقه جبن و قالول هذا كوماندوا فرايز احنا مبدعين الله يزيد النعمه و اخر شي طلبت واغيو برغر طبعا حاطين عليها عود انا بس شلته الدهن طلع من الصمون استغفرالله اكل دهين و لا يمكن اجربه مرة ثانية و غير ان الاكل يبيله سنة عشان يوصلك الطاولة اعطيه و هذا معطيه حده ٤/١٠

I went to Switch Lounge that is located in Dubai Mall to eat lunch, i saw the pictures on their Instagram account i said looks good just like “Slider Station” ofcourse it doesn’t get compared with Slider, we ordered Buffalo shrimps and commando fries the shrimp was really bad full of spices and i think Curry and the commando was fries with cheese on top and then they said WOW it’s creative , lastly i ordered Wagyu burger they have a stick in the burger when i removed the stick a bottle of grease went out even from the bread , it was a one time thing and i won’t go back again even with the bad taste the bad tasted food need a year to arrive to your table , i give it a 4/10 and that is a MAXIMUM rating , i wouldn’t advice you to try it

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 9.36.39 PM


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