To Mom With Love | الى امي مع التحية

قامت شركة من الشركات بإطلاق هذا الاعلان عن الام و جهدها و بما أن هذا الفيديو سيكون موجود في هذه التدوينة سأكتب جزء مما بقلبي لأمي … أمي اشكرك فلولاك لما وصلت لما انا فيه الآن و لولاك لما كنت انا و لولاك لما عرفت ان احب او اعطف فأنتي من حملني اذا سقطت و انتي من علمني ان في كل سقوط نزداد قوة فأشكرك يا أمي لكونك بجانبي في كل الأحوال و شكرا لكونك انتي.

A company produced a video about the mother and her effort to make you what you are today and i would like to take the chance to express a small part of my feeling to my mother in this post since it is about their efforts Mother thanks, without you i would not have been what i am today, without you i would not be me, and without you i would not know about love or compassion you are the one who pulled me up and made me stand when i fell you taught me that with every fall we learn and we become stronger, Mother thanks for being by my side in every case and thanks for being you.


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