Breaking Bad 2? Then Better Call Saul | بريكنق باد ٢؟ اذا اتصل على سول

Better Call Saul

مسلسل Breaking Bad الذي حقق الملايين من المشاهدات في مواسمه الخمسة و لكن تم اطلاق فيديو تشويقي للمحامي سول الذي كان يساعد والتر وايت في المسلسل و لكن معه زبون جديد. ايعقل ان AMC تخطط لإطلاق Breaking Bad 2؟ و خصوصا ان المحامي له نفس الاسم؟ او هل هو مسلسل اخر متصل فيه و لكن سول هو الشخصية الاساسية؟ سننتظر فبراير لنرى ما سيحدث … ما رأيك في هذا الموضوع؟

Breaking Bad the awesome series that had insane numbers of views on the whole 5 seasons, but there was a teaser posted on AMC’s channel in YouTube with Saul Goodman in it with a title of “Saul Solicits New Clients: Better Call Saul” and he is with what appears to be a new “Client”. As we all know Saul Goodman’s previous client was Walter White the star of Breaking Bad. does this teaser means there will be another Breaking Bad? Especially that the lawyer has the same name and same slogan? Or is it a prequel related with Breaking Bad, but with Saul Goodman as the main character  Well I think we are going to wait until February 2015 to find out … What do you think of this?


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